Checkpoints, Zoom calls and parental guilt made 2020 a year like no other for MPs

Politicians saw the line between work and home vanish as they struggled to help constituents in trouble
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December 15

Parliament to mark Emancipation Day and a day of Truth and Reconciliation

While it grapples with the huge and related issues of a pandemic, an economy in need of massive transformation, and climate change, the Canadian Parliament is considering two seemingly small measures that won't change anybody's life, but could have considerable symbolic significance.
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December 9

MPs renew push to designate Aug. 1 ‘Emancipation Day’Headline

MPs from multiple parties are making a renewed push to get the federal government to recognize Aug. 1 as “Emancipation Day.” 
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December 9

Black civil servants’ $900-million proposed class action lawsuit against feds a ‘logical, natural’ next step, says NDP MP Green

'Racism is expensive. Racism costs people who face it, and in a just world, it ought to cost the people who perpetrate it,' says NDP MP Matthew Green.
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November 24

Elected officials voice support for defund police demonstrators camping at city hall

'We will be here as long as we need to be,' said organizer Sarah Jama
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November 22

NDP MP Green says, "Most of the work that has been proposed by the Liberals have been based on announcements and aesthetics."

"There just seems to be ongoing reluctance for this government to go beyond the aesthetics of big ticket announcements and into the actual work of dismantling anti-Black racism and racism within their government."
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November 17

Canada lost at least $247M in unpaid taxes on foreign digital services and products last year: AG

The fact that Canadian tax laws still haven’t been updated to reflect the reality of increased online sales irked MPs from all opposition parties
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November 15

MP Green supports petition to extend student loan non-repayment period for 2020 graduates

U of T Alum starts petition that has collected over 461 signatures
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November 14

Harris inspiring young Black Canadians toward politics: MPs

OTTAWA - The election of Kamala Harris as vice-president of the United States will inspire more young Black women in Canada to engage in politics and run for office, says Velma Morgan, a Black Canadian activist based in Toronto.
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November 5

Treasury Board president slammed for transparency gaps in spending following ‘damning’ PBO reports

Two hundred thousand civil servants—or 70 per cent of the federal workforce—are working from home, says Jean-Yves Duclos, offering these figures for the first time.
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